2013- Bring it on & get UNCOMFORTABLE!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

- Neale Donald Walsh

How many of you have reached outside of your comfort zone in 2012? How did you feel? Probably a bit nervous, scared, uncomfortable.  You can’t grow stronger, unless you get uncomfortable. Why? Because it isn’t bad to be uncomfortable, it is growth happening. Physically and mentally. When you are trying that new Cross Fit Class, FlyWheel, SurfSET, Piloxing, lifting weights, taking a walk around the block or even attempting to start running one step at a time…you are uncomfortable at first. But guess what? That leads to being even more proud and comfortable in your own skin, in who you are, and in what you are capable of doing. YOU can do so much, so very much. Believe and get uncomfortable in 2013 ! This is the year for YOU to get uncomfortable, reach out, expand your capabilities to see what you can do. It is your year to BELIEVE in all you can do, and understand it will be hard along the way.

Each year, we are encouraged to make resolutions. I actually don’t like resolutions that are huge, but I like making life changing goals. I feel better when making goals to keep monitoring as little nuggets along the way.  I use my birthday every year and see how I go, and then check in again in New Years to double up and evolve on the goals.  (read here birthday goals)

This year, my family made goals together. Some are realistic and some are going to make us uncomfortable – individually and as a family.  Not in a bad way, but in one that will allow us to grow in the means we hope to.  We chose to limit it to 13, since it is 2013. What are your goals? How do you map them out? I would love to hear about them.

Ready for 2013- “BE EPIC”

My own personal/professional/athletic goals are:

1. Finish App and Publish It

2. Break 1:30 Half Marathon time (Current PR is 1:31:55)

3. Allow myself one lazy day each week with only yoga and no pressure on joints(Sounds simple, but hard for this adrenaline junkie)

4. Do yoga and Pilates 1x/week in Jan- March, 2x/week in April-June, 3x/week in July-December

5. Read every book in Book Club for 12 months

6.Film one video/week for PFPDX/Dig Deep Play HARD

7. Write one thankful blog/gratitude post each week for 52 weeks

8. Create 2 workouts published in SELF, Shape, Fitness Magazines

9. Get Holiday cards out for 2013 on time

10. Add $400 to savings each month

11. Run 2013 K in 2013 = 1248.06 miles

12. Qualify for National Triathlons (if not pregnant with #3)

13. Compete in 13 running races/triathlons and 3 adventure races with Jack

Shirey Family- Ready for the adventure of 2013

Family Goals:

1. All of us do swim team together- Jack and Erin masters 2-3x/week, Makenzie and Emerson 3x/week

2. MCS finish Deathly Hallows of Harry Potter

3. EMS get to next level of gymnastics by June

4. EMS learn to ride without training wheels

5. Recycle all paper so no piles on any desk in house at week’s end for 52 weeks (means do/sort/toss but not pile for any family member)

6. Karate/Krav Maga for MCS and Jack starting February

7. Family Dinner 3x/week with kids eating everything made by parents- no separate meals made for kids on these nights(yes, I am a trainer, but yes, as a Mom I have food battles with my oldest and sometimes youngest daily)

8. Jack & Erin- get ahead of taxes so not cramming in April 2013

9. EMS- learn how to tie shoes

10. Save up all change for Hawaii trip = every family member has spending money

11 Monthly volunteering at  Alameda Food Bank, St. Joseph’s, Newman, Humane Society, EBRP, Water’s Edge, Benioff Children’s Hospital and other places we can spend family time supporting

12. Write letters to great grandparents each week- rotating between the 3

13. Keep the Gratitude Jar going each day with fitness, health, family, love, joy and vibrant gratitudes

BE UNCOMFORTABLE!!!  It will make 2013 so incredible, and come New Years you will be blown away by what you accomplished!

Challenge the POWER of YOU!

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