Family Fitness at Birthday Beach

Yesterday was my birthday; one more year passed by. My only request from my family was to go to Point Reyes or Stinson Beach. I just wanted to spend the day together. Pack a picnic, grab some towels and go hike around and play on the beach. No commitments, no agenda, no Holiday logistics or obligations. Just the four of us playing in the sunshine.

What didn’t cross my mind, until I stood watching my 3 loved ones, was how fitness is naturally incorporated to all of our mindsets. There are no trials of concern stating, “YOU have to exercise to be healthy”. My kids only know fitness and lifestyle fitness as part of what you do every day. It was apparent on the wide stretch of sand Saturday as Makenzie Jump-Roped back and forth, Jack was chasing Makenzie doing Frog Hop Sprints and Emerson and I were practicing handstands between skipping. All of us were moving non-stop, soaking in the sun, sea and time with each other.

I realized an ever-giving birthday gift while soaking it all in.

My kids know of fitness as FUN!

They see what their bodies are capable of doing every day. They may be nervous at times with new skills, but are confident in challenging themselves. They want to CLIMB the rocks, CHASE waves, do RELAY races, practice various athletic feats hundreds of times and look at a “free” day as one to explore with adventure verses sitting on their bums.

How does your family incorporate Lifestyle Fitness? What does your family do when spending time together outside? Do you feel it is a constant effort to encourage them to move, or have they chosen to “move” on their own?

In an effort to make things easier for your kids, remember they model behavior after what they see daily. If you are asking them to “go outside and play”, while you’re sitting on the computer all day long, it won’t work. If you encourage them to ride their bikes everywhere while yours is collecting dust, your kids aren’t inspired to pedal.

The little things you do to help them incorporate fitness into every day fun add up! Kids are keen observers and soak in everything. So why not plan some time the next week to step away from it all and go to the Beach. If you can’t make the beach, head to a big park or a hiking trail. Turn your “phone” off and spend the time being active with the ones you love.

Family Fitness Beach Fun:

Pick a spot far away from where you parked/arrived that has a long stretch of beach to play on.

- Practice Handstands – See who can hold one for the longest

Emerson Handstands - non stop

Emerson Handstands – non stop

Pregnant Jock Mama

Pregnant Jock Mama

Go Jack, GO!

Go Jack, GO!


Ready, Set, Go!  Emerson & Erin in sync

Ready, Set, Go!
Emerson & Erin in sync


- Make Two Lines and Sprint Between them! Then do Relays between them such as Frog Hops, Caterpillars, Single Leg Hops, Crab Walk, Speed Skaters, Backward Running, Skipping, Running while Jumping Rope

* Video was filmed just watching from the rock.

I realized how much fun they were having and couldn’t help but film the motivational fun. *¬†

- Chase Waves and when arriving at the sand do 10 Jumping Star Jacks

- Play Nature Guide and let your kids be the “Lead Guide” exploring the rocks, lifting them up and turning them over to discover crabs, seaworms and sea anemones.

A different take on  "Muscle Cove"

A different take on
“Muscle Cove”



- Do SpiderMan Push Ups


Spider Man Push Ups


- Bring a Jump Rope and practice Jump Rope Games such as Helicopter, Red Rover, Skipping Rope or Double Dutch.

Makenzie jumping rope on the left while Jack was practicing Handstands

Makenzie jumping rope on the left while Jack was practicing Handstands

Helicopter Jumps- How high can she go?

Helicopter Jumps- How high can she go?


Nonstop "Running Jumping Rope" on the Sand

Nonstop “Running Jumping Rope” on the Sand


- Cartwheels…need I say more!

- “Box Jumps” using Rocks as the Box.

Not Quite Box Jumps- But Emerson was Jumping NON Stop in her "rock box".

Not Quite Box Jumps- But Emerson was Jumping NON Stop in her “rock box”.

- Sprint up and down the Sand Dunes, repeatedly.

- Digging and Squatting making Sand Castles … Carry full buckets of water back towards the castle for the “rivers” and needed wet-sand.

Sand Castles!

Sand Castles!


Whatever you do, have FUN! Enjoy the time with your family creating lifelong healthy memories. When we asked the girls their favorite moments of last weekend, they both said “playing” at the beach. “Playing at the Beach” was the best LIFETIME gift I have been given. What about YOU?

Dig Deep. Play HARD!

xoxo EKS


 Copyright 2013- Dig Deep. Play HARD!

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