Capable of?

Running up hills with Meredith- What are we CAPABLE of??

Running up hills with Meredith- What are we CAPABLE of??

When running with Meredith on Friday, we started talking about racing and where we see ourselves. She is in the midst of her Life Coaching Courses and focusing on that, so she’s training for keeping up with life instead of racing right now.

She asked me what I thought about this year, and the next few years. What races did I want to do, what athletic goals did I have and have shifted since having Finley.

I pondered and said, “I had my last baby, so *this* is it. This is my be all body which makes me curious, honestly, to not hold back and just see what I am physically capable of? How fast can I push it, what can I accomplish, and where will it go? What will make my body the best athlete possible?”.

Hmmmm…I said out loud what I have been thinking for a bit.

As a female athlete, with each pregnancy comes a shift of time. You step back from competing for a bit, retrain your body how to work and return to sports with goals and intentions of regaining speed, strength and endurance, but also crossing your fingers a bit. Having just had my last C-Section, I am nestling into the notion the races and adventuresI was holding off training for I can train for now. I am in my forever body. No more pregnancies; this body is my final sporty spice, mother runner, triathlete body.

Let me go back a bit in time. In college as an athlete, I raced for Cal Poly Triathlon Team. I was always nervous about pushing to the next level. I was worried that I could hurt myself, concerned that I wasn’t fast enough. I not aware, nor fully believing in, my own potential.

I was SCARED of seeing what POTENTIAL I had inside me, or what potential I didn’t have and dreams I’d have to give up. What did it mean if I did well, and then had to do it again, but didn’t succeed the next time?

So I held back. I didn’t believe. I trained hard, but seconds guessed my capabilities by holding onto the excuses in my head. 

Then I got met Jack, got married, had children and owned my own fitness business. I have an incredible husband who believed in me. Then I had incredible daughters. I believed in everything they did and it made me believe in myself much more.  I believed in my boot campers and clients, lifting them up to REACH their potential every day. Encouraging all of them to see what their one body could do.

Through training and coaching others, it finally had ME believe in and coach myself.

Master the NEW way to BE- BE CAPABLE!

Master the NEW way to BE- BE CAPABLE!


I understood I had the power to become a better athlete by being a better Mom, Motivational Trainer and Coach. Once that nugget in my head shifted, my racing times got faster. I didn’t hold back and pushed.

I was curious what could happen…my PR for my half marathon dropped from 1:38 to 1:31:55! My placing in races shifted from the top 10% to placing in Top 10 Overall Female. I believed in myself! I came to not just understand but BELIEVE that by myself trying my hardest, my daughters would own their own abilities. To believe in the power their body had to see what it is capable of, and not question themselves. AS I think about the timing, I can’t help it all happened as it was supposed to. Four  months after Emerson was hospitalized, I started to believe and dropped my half marathon from 1:39:30 to 1:36:15. Six months after my half marathon PR overall is when Makenzie was hospitalized. When supporting both of them, it was never a thought what their bodies couldn’t do, only what they were capable of. They’ve defied every odd, and never believed anything was out of reach.

Why is that an important lesson to learn young?

It is because IT can hopefully help them (or my clients) never second guess what is possible.

ONLY to believe and understand their truth of ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. Our bodies are CAPABLE of SO MUCH MORE THAN WE REALIZE!

Thus… the last few years I surely raced hard, but the months before I became pregnant I had wanted to become pregnant so I held back a bit. I knew I *could* be pregnant at any time. Now, while I am retraining my body postnatally, I am also retraining to assess what my “forever” body is capable of. What will I be able to train it to accomplish not just this year, but all the years ahead!



One BIG challenge I will do is the Escape From Alcatraz Duathlon in July! I have always wanted to, but been afraid I could not swim that far in cold open water. Even when I just think about the Alcatraz 1.5 mile swim, I get goose bumps contemplating the cold Bay temperatures. I have been nervous about not being fast enough…brushing them aside …I am now committed.

What about YOU? What is one athletic feat you have been curious about but concerned you weren’t capable of completing? What will YOU commit to trying this year? What athletic feats are you now READY to tackle?

Dig Deep. Play HARD. xo EKS

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2 Responses to “Capable of?”

  1. Roni Says:

    WOW you are speed demon! I hope to run a half in under 2 hours one day and I’m working on being competitive in the Master’s division of crossfit in a few years. Not becoming an athlete until 35 or so, I have a lot of catching up to do but like you… I believe!
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    • Erin Kreitz Shirey Says:

      Roni- Thanks on the speed part, we’ll see how I gradually can shift back after Miss Finley. But you- having watched your journey to getting stronger, and how confident you have grown with your adventure racing, CrossFit and going for it, is beyond inspirational. I think that your readers are lucky you’ve shared your voice and experiences with them…because they’ve watched you grow even deeper confidence and GO FOR IT! You are an athlete my dear!


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