Thursdays with Bobby

Snuggled right into her spot with Bobby

Snuggled right into her spot with Bobby-             5 months old –   6.5.2014

I live by the phrase,

The only thing in life we don’t get back is time, so don’t waste it.

Now how you choose to perceive that is up to you. For me, time is the most precious gift in the world. If I could have more of anything, it would just be time.

Thursdays with Bobby-

Every Thursday, my Dad and I meet at the pool. He snuggles with Finley and I do a long swim workout. While swimming, I make sure to incorporate kicking sets and secretly listen to Dad talk to Finnie. His gentle and nurturing words towards her, coming from his big body, warm my heart. After I am done with my workout, we sit on the pool deck talking and just spending time together. We talk about so many different things, and I know for me, it is one of my favorite times of the week.

Just the three of us. Three generations of Kreitz.



Their hands - her snuggle spot - buddies

Their hands – her snuggle spot – buddies

Last Thursday, despite some things I needed to tend to, I threw everything aside for more time with Dad. It was a simple decision; TIME with Dad or TIME doing work. We decided to continue our morning together and have coffee, which turned into lunch. I brought Dad to my favorite cafe escape that he’d never been to, which is pretty fun considering he’s lived in Alameda for most of his 68 years. Julie’s is peaceful, tranquil and upon walking in the front door, Dad commented, “It feels like it should be in Berkeley or Portland. I like it. I really like this place.”

Bobby & Finnie- smiling buddies

Bobby & Finnie- smiling buddies

We escaped to the back patio, found a nice spot and started talking about my Dad’s Dad, the Grandfather I never met. He talked, I asked questions and the reality of my Dad’s childhood hit me with intensity. My grandfather was struck with polio, when my Dad was only 1.5 years old. He was then confined to a wheelchair, a handsome strong Navy Man, suddenly unable to work. Instead of taking care of others, he had to be taken care of. My Grandma, a veteran of the Waves, went to work at the Navy Base to support the family. Due to the polio, from the time my Dad could remember, he only knew of LIVING with a hope to have more time. More time with his own Dad, to create memories together.

Finnie was snuggled by both of us throughout lunch, making smiles at us and everyone sitting close by. Finley’s newness, innocent baby face and sweetness combined with Dad sharing stories rich with family history made me want to stay at Julie’s patio forever.

Enjoy your time...

Enjoy your time… at Julie’s Patio

I realized yet again what an incredible gift my own three daughters have; living with a Grandfather close by and another incredible one who lives far away, who adore them and are involved in their lives. They’ve all been given the gift of special Grandpa Bobby memories.

While we all spend time with family, how often do we set days aside to not look at the clock and enjoy open-ended conversations? Feeling at peace with not getting “to do’s” done, while being 120% present with the one you are with?

I invite you to do that. You’ll never regret the time you spent with one you love, only regret the time you didn’t.

Dig Deep. Play HARD. Love HARD!

xox EKS

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Happy Buddies April 17th, 2014

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April 17th, 2014

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May 1st- 4 months old-
“Grandpa’s Sidekick”



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