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You have it in you to become your strongest self possible. Make each week count, and when seeking new workouts, keep visiting for motivation and Workout Wednesday Workouts! What is your favorite workout? Share the link in the comments below. I would love to feature it in the future!








You need a timer, exercise band, mat and stairwell.

Circuit 1:  Four exercises- 1 minute each

Forward to backward lunge right
Forward to backward lunge left
Burpees with 4 Mountain Climbers
Curtsey Speed Skaters
Push Ups

Repeat 2x

Sprint up & down the stairs fast for 3 minutes

Circuit 2: Four exercises- 1 minute each

Shoulder push ups
Band lat raises
Band side steps
Speed skaters
Repeat 2x

Sprints up and down stairs 5x

Do 20 Burpees

Sprint up and down stairs 4x

Do 15 Burpees

Sprint up and down stairs 3x

Do 10 Burpees

Circuit 3: Using Bands, repeat each exercise 20x 

Biceps/Overhead Press
Underhand Row
Seated Rowing
Side plank holding 20 counts Left & Right

Repeat 3x

Circuit 4: Mat Core Circuit: Repeat each exercise for 30 seconds.

Toe touches, Butterflies, Prone Superman Opposite Arm & Legs, Side Plank Hip Touch Left, Side Plank Hip Touch Right


Dig Deep. Play HARD!

Cheers- Coach EKS


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